the author

My full name is Robin Christine Burk and I was born in Bisbee, Arizona in 1992 to Roger and Marily Burk. I am the ninth oldest of thirteen children.  Nine girls, four boys, no twins, and each of us considered great blessings from God to my parents. When I was only two years old my parents moved to Tecumseh, Oklahoma where I have spent most of my life. I live in town with my sister and am involved in my community. My father is the pastor of Light House Ministries in Tecumseh where I help lead worship. I am a born again, active believer in Jesus Christ.  He has changed my heart and is my life, my all.

My parents are very gifted musically and in writing, so it is no surprise that those talents were passed down to many of their children. I play the piano and have been singing since I was very young. I was schooled at home by the best teacher, my mom, who encouraged me in my writing abilities. I worked hard to excel in school and graduated early at the age of 16. It was through school assignments that I began to discover I had a gift in expressing myself through various forms of writing and thus a love and passion for writing was born in my heart. Since then I have composed scores of poems, stories, and even music. 

When I was eleven years old I began working on my very first chapter book which began as a story about a talking dog, inspired by Oklahoma Author, Bill Wallace's animal books.  After time, my original idea of a talking talk was soon crafted into a fictional story about former President and First Lady, George & Laura Bush’s dog, Barney.  I also weaved many true facts into the story. With the help of Laura Bush, my family and friends, Destination White House was completed when I was thirteen years of age.  However, by that time George Bush’s presidency had ended.  I figured I’d just pack the book away but many of my friends and family encouraged me to seek publication and so five years later I finally sent it to Tate Publishing Co. in 2010.  It was accepted for publication and released on the market Sept. 20th of 2011. I know God had a big hand it that.

After finishing Barney's book seven years ago, I have continued to complete several other books and short stories while working as a full time Nanny. I am excited to see where my writing career will take me in future.  In the mean time I am trusting the Lord to direct me according to His will. 


Robin C. Burk