Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Impressive Assignment

Months ago I met a young girl, Hannah at one of my book signing events.  She was almost eleven, the same age I was when I began to write.  I was thrilled to discover that we had several things in common; a homeschooled & Christian background, and both of us an enthusiast for Oklahoma author, Bill Wallace’s children’s books, which inspired “Destination White House”.  In fact, her family knew the Wallace’s personally and graciously conveyed a copy of my book and personal message to Bill & Carol Wallace. 

Her mother & I have continued to stay in touch and when we met for lunch one day, Hannah presented to me her school assignment; an incredibly detailed report on my book, complete with her own hand designed cover. I was thoroughly impressed by her creativeness and hard work and wanted to share it with all of you!

“Ms. Burke,
Here is what I wrote for my report.

Back cover:
This book was super! I love it. I would give the author "Best Eleven Year Old Writer " award. I love how it includes most of my favorite things; animals, humor, and adventure. Everyone should read this book.

Inside front cover:
"Destination White House"
For anyone who loves animals, this book is perfect for you.
The hilarious adventure begins when Barney, (the president's dog) gets lost at the airport. He also meets a friend along the way. Will Barney or his friend survive the long journey?
Only one way to find to find out, open the book and start to look.

Inside back cover:
About Robin Burk
Robin was 11 when she started writing her book, and 13 when she finished. She was inspired by reading Bill Wallace's books. She was homeschooled along with her twelve siblings.”

Hannah, age 11