Friday, April 8, 2011


My book is moving along through production very quickly.  I can hardly believe that editing is all complete.  My editor, Megan, was a dream to work with.  She was so helpful, positive, and encouraging.  It was a joy to work through the editing process with her.  She enjoyed it so much that she asked me to request her next time if I decided to publish with Tate Publishing Co. again.

This week I was thrilled to discuss the illustration process with my illustrator, Samantha, and I was able to see some of her work.  The best news of course is that they conceded to add a small sketch before each chapter, which I was really hoping for even though they had previously turned my request down due to the length of the book.  The illustration process is moving quickly.  We've already decided on a cover design and all the ideas for each chapter sketch.  I am beyond excited.  Next week I should be receiving the first pictures and character sketches.  Here is the first character sketch she has done of the main character, Barney! Thought you all might enjoy hearing an update on the process and seeing the first picture. 

Illustrations By: Samantha Kickingbird  © 2010 Tate Publishing Co.