Monday, November 29, 2010

"Destination White House" Coming to Stores Fall of 2011!

"Barney? You stole Barney from the president?"

Destination White House: Barney’s Incredible Journey is a fur-raising tale that begins when the president’s plane, Air Force One, is forced to make an emergency landing in the Chicago O’Hare airport because of engine trouble. In the confusion, the president’s Scottish terrier, Barney, is mistakenly left behind. When Barney is snatched up by a young girl and her family, he is forced to make an escape and find his way back to the White House. Along the way, Barney meets a peculiar cat named Snider, with a taste for Swedish Fish. The runaway cat joins the scene to assist Barney in his journey home. During their adventures, the two traveling buddies take on hawks, wolves, and even dump trucks.

Will Barney make it to the White House? Will Snider be able to make the journey without his beloved Swedish Fish?

You can find out when you buy your own copy this fall! Follow the updates here and on FaceBook and be the first in line to get your very own signed copy!